Tips For Domestic Timber Floor Sanding and Wooden Floor Cleaning Ideas, Sydney

Sometimes when people buy an older house, they discover to their surprise that the shabby old carpets are covering up a treasure that they were not aware of. When they take up the carpets to replace them, they discover genuine old wooden floors underneath.

If you are fortunate enough to have wooden floors in your new home, do not despair if they have been neglected and become unsightly, stained, rough and discoloured.

Before you shudder and start laying new carpets to hide the eyesores, do consider restoration. You can arrange for domestic floor sanding in Sydney by contacting Oscar Valdes on 0409 391 054. High Prestige Floor Sanding is the company he represents.

This company will be able to inspect your floors and see what needs to be done to restore them to their former glory. Floor restorations in Sydney are their speciality. Believe me, once, long ago, those dull wooden planks were an asset to the house and indeed they can be beautiful again.

Apart from domestic floor sanding services, High Prestige Floor Sanding is well qualified and experienced in restoring, repairing, and even replacing any portions of the floors that may be badly damaged.

If the wooden floor is of the parquetry type, you may find that some of the tiles are damaged or missing. If any tiles need to be removed or replaced, talk to High Prestige Floor Sanding, because this is a specialized job. It is really tricky, but this company has made parquetry floors one of its specialities and is well able to restore them.

High Prestige Floor Sanding uses only the best quality floor polish products, and they are non toxic. So you may be confident that there will be no harmful effect at all on your family or pets.

High Prestige Floor Sanding takes great care to ensure that the floor boards or blocks are sanded to a smooth finish in preparation for the lacquering process which will bring out the rich colours of the timber that have been hidden by grime and age.

Timber floor restorations done correctly could, in fact, leave you with the greatest focal beauty point in your whole home. There is no type of flooring that can ever be the equivalent of rich, warm, softly gleaming wood.

Should you come to an agreement with High Prestige Floor Sanding to restore your floors, you can smooth the way for the whole process, as well as make the minimum disruption to your daily life by following some basic guidelines in preparation:

  • As far as possible, empty the room of all furniture and fixtures from the sanding area. Any remaining items that are impossible to move (i.e. fixtures) should be carefully shrouded with cloths to prevent them from being covered in dust.
  • Give the room a good clean beforehand, and avoid unnecessary dust from entering the premises, prior to the commencement, and during the job.
  • The next step is to make sure the workmen have plenty of water and electricity to undertake the process.
  • It is advisable to have plenty of lighting in and around the floor areas where they are working.
  • You should be prepared to wait for at least 8 to 10 hours before using your new polished floor.

These floors are really easy to keep clean and need little attention, but once your floor renovations have been completed, there are some timber floor cleaning tips to help you keep your new floor as beautiful as possible for as long as possible.

  • Sweep your wooden floors frequently with a soft, fine bristle broom. This is important to keep sand or grit from causing minute scratches and dulling the surface when people walk on it.
  • A vacuum cleaner is not the ideal machine for cleaning wooden floors, but if you decide to do so, make sure that a soft fine brush is the attachment you use to prevent leaving unsightly scratches on your beautiful floor.
  • High Prestige Floor Sanding generally advise you not to use a damp mop on a wooden floor.
  • If absolutely necessary, and only if the floor has a polyurethane finish, you can make an exception; for instance to clean up a really sticky mess that has been spilled. But make sure that the mop is so dry that there is no runoff at all that can make its way into the cracks. This could cause swelling and warping, not to mention staining.
  • Remember, water is the enemy of wooden floors. Any spills of liquid should be mopped up and dried immediately. Soft paper towels are generally ideal, but any soft, absorbant cloth could be used.
  • Should you decide to use runners or loose carpets you should use non-skid pads to prevent slipping. It is important to keep these carpets well vacuumed to prevent dirt filtering down and causing scratches. Door mats at the entrances are also a good idea.
  • Furniture should have felt pads glued to the bases of their legs to prevent scratching the floor when they are moved.
  • Probably the most important advice is to discuss the care of your floors with High Prestige Floor Sanding. They will give you the best possible advice. If your floors should need waxing and buffing from time to time, speak to your renovators about the products to use and how to use them.

High Prestige Floor Sanding operates all over the North Shore, North Sydney, Lower North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney.

We provide a range of services, from timber floor repairs, floor laminating and laying of new floors to staining, sanding, restoring and polishing.

We have a reputation for our high precision work, attention to detail and our friendly customer service, and we take great pride in our work.

The team at High Prestige Floor Sanding are your one stop shop for all your domestic and commercial laminate and timber floor restorations, new installations and repairs in Sydney..

High Prestige Floor Sanding services all the Liverpool areas of Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

We provide a range of timber Floor Sanding, floor polishing, installation and restoration services to both commercial and domestic customers. Our services are affordable and our results outstanding.

As a professional, we are experts in timber floor sanding and floor polishing and take great pride in the quality of our work. If you are looking for professional floor repairs, installations or restorations, whether timber or laminate, we provide both commercial floor sanding services, as well as domestic flooring services.

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