About Professional Timber Flooring Company

Timber Flooring Specialist Company Sydney:  Timber/Wooden Floor Polisher SydneyHigh Prestige Floor Sanding is a company that specialises in timber floors in Sydney. A number of different services are on offer by this firm, including commercial floor sanding services, as well as domestic flooring services.

They also lay new floors, restore older floors and repair, stain, finish, and do timber floor polishing; everything, in fact, that you require in professionally finished flooring.

With many years of experience, as well as all the necessary skills and knowledge of wood and its properties, they are able to offer their clients the highest standards of workmanship.

Whether it be glowing, warm tones of wood in the home, attractive, hard wearing shop floors, or classy, mellow restaurant or office floors, it is hard to beat the shear beauty of wood.

But quite apart from its beauty, wooden floors have certain practical applications that cannot be surpassed, even by the most hi-tech, modern synthetic materials.

These are sprung dance floors, gymnasiums and indoor sporting areas. They need to be the perfect balance between firm and springy. Too much spring can be disruptive of the activity taking place, eg dancing or running. Too firm lends itself to injuries and strain.

Its springiness returns the energy and lifts the feet, while it also absorbs the concussion of thumps and falls.

There are floors specially made for the different dance forms, such as ballroom dancing, ballet and aerobics, then there are floors that are suited to bowling or indoor cricket or badminton. The most common spring floors are general recreational hall floors.

These have to do the job of all the above, but also look good for meetings or concerts.

Unlike in homes, shops, restaurants or offices, where the wood just has to blend into the décor style that is chosen, floor colouring and style has to be fairly specific in a dancing or sporting hall.

Generally, the more personality, colour and grain the wood has the better for the former, while in a hall the colours should be bland and distract as little as possible. It should not be so light as to cause a glare or be impractical to keep clean, but at the same time it should not be so dark as to make the balls, shuttlecocks or other sporting equipment difficult to see.

The surface finish on wood flooring is also very important. In a hall there needs to be the perfect balance between slipperiness and traction. A fraction too much either way lends itself to accidents. Falls, if too slippery, and twisted ankles if there is too much traction.

In other floors where sport or dancing is not practised, floors should never be slippery, and traction is seldom a problem. The effects of spilled liquids on its slipperiness need also be taken into account.

In the old days wooden floors were constructed on leaf or coil springs, and were a bit like a trampoline. These days they are still sometimes used specially for tumble acrobatics or even for training cheerleaders.

Today sprung floors are often made with foam rubber or neoprene pads to cushion the wood. This type of floor tends to be not nearly as noisy as the old style of wooden flooring, especially if a lot of people are moving around at once.

Synthetic woods and laminates are also used frequently. These are soft and comfortable to walk on, but somewhat susceptible to marking from sharp items or stiletto heels or even vandalism. Moving heavy furniture around can do quite a lot of damage, too.

All these types of floors need specialist knowledge, and perfect upkeep: sanding, finishing and polishing, as well as the initial installation.

High Prestige Floor Sanding operates all over Sydney.

We provide a range of services, from timber floor repairs, floor laminating and laying of new floors to staining, sanding, restoring and polishing.

We have a reputation for our high precision work, attention to detail and our friendly customer service, and we take great pride in our work.

The team at High Prestige Floor Sanding are your one stop shop for all your domestic and commercial laminate and timber floor restorations, new installations and repairs in Sydney.

High Prestige Floor Sanding services all the Liverpool areas of Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

We provide a range of timber Floor Sanding, floor polishing, installation and restoration services to both commercial and domestic customers. Our services are affordable and our results outstanding.

As a professional, we are experts in timber floor sanding and floor polishing and take great pride in the quality of our work. If you are looking for professional floor repairs, installations or restorations, whether timber or laminate, we provide both commercial floor sanding services, as well as domestic flooring services.

For more information Contact High Prestige Floor Sanding on 0409 391 054, or call Oscar Valdes directly on 0409 391 054, email us on info@highprestigefloorsanding.com.au or complete our online enquiry form for timber floor sanding, polishing services in Sydney.