Professional Timber Floor Sanding Sydney

Whether you have to decide upon flooring for your home, your office, a shop, business, restaurant or even a community hall or indoor sports space, your priority will no doubt be to choose a professional floor that enhances the area.

Wood is always a popular, classy and durable option. It is warm in both looks and feel. No matter what fashions come and go, wood never goes out of date. It blends in with any décor, whether modern minimalist, or classical colonial, or anything in between.

You may even have an existing wooden floor that needs refurbishing. The best you can do for is to contact Oscar Valdes on 0409 391 054. The company he represents is called High Prestige Floor Sanding. These are among the top experts for floor polishing and floor sanding in Sydney.

Today this firm uses the best quality products for their work available, as well as the latest cutting edge machinery for sanding and polishing wooden floors.

They have a deep understanding of wood and its properties, as well as experience and skill with sanding, polishing, repairs to, and laying of, all types of wooden flooring, including parquetry floors.

In the grand time scale of the world, wooden floors are a fairly recent innovation. Of course there may well have wooden floors in ancient huts in the dawn of civilization, but nothing remains to give proof of this. We can only go by recorded history.

The earliest solid buildings were built of stone and had stone floors. There is evidence from ancient times of decorated tiles that may have used on floors as well as walls, and even roofs.

The poorer people had to make do with beaten earth floors, sometimes covered with rushes. These rushes were removed regularly together with any dirt that they collected, and replaced with fresh ones.

In Africa, cow dung was mixed with mud to plaster the floors, and the result was a surprisingly durable and attractive, shiny surface. Very often small stones, pips and other hard materials were imbedded in the plaster in patterns and designs.

In the Middle East, even upper storeys and roofs of houses were built of mud bricks and smoothly plastered. In the areas below, animals were frequently housed in winter. Apart from keeping them safe and comfortable, the warmth of their combined bodies provided a really effective heating system for the rooms above.

In the early days in Europe, timber tended to be combined with bricks and stone in building houses. The upper floors were usually rough planks, while the lower floors were stone or tiles.

It was only in the Baroque period of the 1600's that wooden floors became elegant and fashionable. More sophisticated wood working techniques and cabinetry was extended to flooring, and wood craftsmen made people aware that a floor could actually be a thing of beauty.

In France, the fashion leaders of the time, marquetry and parquetry became the rage. At about that time country dances were starting to give way to ballroom dancing and the wooden floors were found to be ideal for this new social pastime.

In the colonies, the abundance of wood made wooden flooring the obvious choice. But in the early days few people had the time or inclination to take valuable time off their ranches and farms to do fine finishing on their floors. The average homes had rough boards that became smoother with time and many feet.

As farmers grew wealthier, and towns and cities emerged, floors changed. More time and money was available for beautifying homes.

As carpeting became less expensive and available to most people, they tended to replace wooden flooring as a cheaper but still very comfortable option. Today carpets are still popular, but many discerning people are rediscovering the traditional beauty of wood.

High Prestige Floor Sanding operates all over the North Shore, North Sydney, Lower North Shore and Northern Beaches of Sydney.

We provide a range of services, from timber floor repairs, floor laminating and laying of new floors to staining, sanding, restoring and polishing.

We have a reputation for our high precision work, attention to detail and our friendly customer service, and we take great pride in our work.

The team at High Prestige Floor Sanding are your one stop shop for all your domestic and commercial laminate and timber floor restorations, new installations and repairs in Sydney..

High Prestige Floor Sanding services all the Liverpool areas of Sydney and surrounding suburbs.

We provide a range of timber Floor Sanding, floor polishing, installation and restoration services to both commercial and domestic customers. Our services are affordable and our results outstanding.

As a professional, we are experts in timber floor sanding and floor polishing and take great pride in the quality of our work. If you are looking for professional floor repairs, installations or restorations, whether timber or laminate, we provide both commercial floor sanding services, as well as domestic flooring services.

For more information Contact High Prestige Floor Sanding on 0409 391 054, or call Oscar Valdes directly on 0409 391 054, email us on or complete our online enquiry form for timber floor sanding, polishing services in Sydney.