Parquetry Flooring

Professional Timber Floor Sanding/Polishing Sydney Timber parquetry floors are a firm favourite because they provide an elegance and style that is unequalled by any other type of flooring. Parquetry is a centuries old technique, used to create stunning geometric patterns in timber flooring - and is becoming popular once again, due to its timeless quality.

The cost of parquetry flooring is greatly surpassed by the value added, not only to your home equity, but also to the design and flair of your home.

A benefit of parquetry flooring is that it is fairly resistant to damage and is easy to clean and maintain.

Here are some tips to keeping your timber parquetry floors in tip top shape:

  • Use a cleaner specifically designed for parquetry flooring as this will help to nourish and enhance the wood. It also helps to keep the colours bright and maintains the protective finish. Harsh cleaning products can damage this protective finish and reduce the shine of your parquetry floors.
  • If you have paint splashes on your parquetry flooring and are searching for ways to remove the paint - stay away from chemicals or harsh abrasives that may remove the protective finish. And avoid heat guns which may damage the finish. This is a tricky situation and it is easy to damage your flooring - so talk to a professional.
  • Remove any spilled or standing water quickly to prevent swelling and warping of the wood.
  • If the parquetry flooring is damaged by an excessive amount of water (storm floods or a burst pipe), some or all of the tiles may need to be replaced. And since either repair or replacement of parquetry floors depends on how much moisture has penetrated the flooring and the extent of warping and detachment - it pays to contact a parquetry flooring company in Sydney for a professional assessment of the damage.


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