Old and New Timber Floor Care, Sydney

Professional Timber Floor Sanding/Polishing Sydney One of the reasons people install timber floors is because the care of both old and new timber floors is fairy minimal. Some timber floor care does depend on the type of finish to your wooden floor, but much of the day to day maintenance is generic.

So here are 8 tips for timber care:

  • Clean up all liquid spills quickly and ensure that no water or other liquids are left standing on your timber floor.
  • Be careful of shoes, particularly high heels and boots with metal studs which can leave indentations on a timber floor.
  • In areas where you are likely to spill liquids, such as kitchens and bathrooms, keep paper towels handy or lay a stylish rug in the area.
  • A point that many people forget in timber floor care is to keep their pet's claws trimmed - as claws are a common cause of deep scratches in your timber floors.
  • Check that the legs of your furniture are not sharp enough to indent or scratch the timber. Place coasters with a soft felt or rubber protective layer underneath the legs of all furniture.
  • Have a door mat outside all entryways and inside the doors as well. This helps to reduce the risk that any dirt or gravel picked up on the bottom of shoes is brought into the house, where it can cause scratches on timber flooring.
  • If your timber flooring has a polyurethane finish, mop the timber with a slightly damp cloth or mop. You need to have sufficient water on the mop to clean the floor but not to leave any standing water.
  • If your flooring has a penetrating sealant or wax finish, do not use water or mop the timbers. You need to either buff these timbers or use a solvent based cleaner.

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